Filling in the Bits

sourcegenericSo there is a general model.  It covers all the cases, by not covering the cases.  It is usually so general that you don’t see the real complexity of the underlying until you start trying to implement something real.

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Eisenhower Park

San Antonio has encroached on Eisenhower Park.  In the seventies loop 410 was the outer loop and Eisenhower Park was still a part of Camp Bullis.    Now light pollution is endangering the night exercises at Camp Bullis, since the park was created sometime in the eighties.

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Quest for a Magic Formula

BivariateOutlierPeer into the crystal ball.  It will tell you the future.  This was what the principal researcher(PR) wanted.  To be more precise PR was the customer and he wanted a formula that would take a few simple measurements and return a yes or a no.  Simple enough, but it didn’t make sense.

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Missed Translation

translationAs a monolingual monster I’ve used Google Translate to get first cut translations for applications.  Put these translations into the front facing application and someone with actual language skills would fix them.  Sometimes the  Google Translate  would be right, but other times I tripped over nuance and context. Read more


People have been pushing magic cookbooks for software development for decades.  The problem with all the cookbooks is that they miss the important things.  Or maybe the important things can’t be captured in the cookbook.  Read more