What the File?

fileFor years I used files that had a single data stream.  This was all I knew about.  It seemed easy.  Conceptually the File had content.  I did not know what lurked in the file systems as they evolved.

Content may have been read and written sequentially or random access.   Topics for another day and maybe only of interest to programmers or not.

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Settled Science

Is there such a thing as settled science?  It depends on how you view science and its findings.  I was arguing viewpoints with a visiting health physicist, whose name, I forget, at a lab that I worked at for a short time.

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Mosquitoes Like Me

peoplelikeMosquitoes like me.  A friend says they don’t like him.  So what is the ratio of people that mosquitoes like and not like?  Why do then like me and not my friend?  The reservoir of people with the pathogen must be the ones that mosquitoes like.

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