peoplelikeMosquitoes like me.  A friend says they don’t like him.  So what is the ratio of people that mosquitoes like and not like?  Why do then like me and not my friend?  The reservoir of people with the pathogen must be the ones that mosquitoes like.

There usually is not a cure.  No magic that can make us well.  The body has to deal with it.  Vaccines are training wheels for the immune system.  But the body forgets how to ride.  It may take a while to relearn how to ride.   I’ve heard you never forget how to ride a bicycle.  I forgot.  Took a lot of wobbling before I could ride again.  But that was years ago and I haven’t had my bike booster in a while.

There are so many pathogens that we don’t have training wheels for the immune system.  Sometimes we are host to friendly hitchhikers who can block the baddies.  Sometimes the friendly hitchhikers go rogue and become the baddies, but that is yet another problem.

Better to intercept the slobbering feasting flyers, so we slather ourselves with smelly concoctions to drive away mosquitoes.  Thus we tasty snacks make ourselves less tasty.

It is a numbers game.  How many bites by how many mosquitoes?  How many prior bites has the mosquito had?  Do mosquitoes get the pathogens from other mosquitoes?

Of course there are mosquitoes and ticks and fleas and flies and gnats and things lurking in the dirt, oh my.  Can we make ourselves unappealing to the total menagerie?  Of course that horrible death by tetanus lurks in the dirt and a scratch is all you need.  So what vector there?  Tetanus vaccine lasts about ten years or so I’ve heard.   Do vaccines fight against each other to cause unexpected side effects?

Such a messy world.