San Antonio has encroached on Eisenhower Park.  In the seventies loop 410 was the outer loop and Eisenhower Park was still a part of Camp Bullis.    Now light pollution is endangering the night exercises at Camp Bullis, since the park was created sometime in the eighties.

The trails are well-marked and I’ve only gotten lost a few times, running in circles until I could find my way back to the parking lot.  The trails are varied enough to be fun.  The wildlife is good at evading my camera, too slow on the draw.  These images were from a murky December 2009 day, with a camera I had at the ready.

There is some wildlife.  Incognito(name changed to protect friend’s doggie’s privacy) was staring at a bush.  Under the bush, I saw a small rattlesnake.  It was curled up and covered a half-foot of ground.   It’s rattling sounded like water hissing through a hose.  The snake was similar in shade to the one in the picture below, that I found on Google, except that the snake was more of a baby, that is smaller and thinner.



I had an old flip phone back then with a one mega-pixel camera back then.  Couldn’t find anything that looked vaguely snake-like in the pictures I took.  Myself would probably have walked by the snake without noticing.  Incognito probably frightened the snake into rattling.

Incognito’s human told me he encountered rattlesnakes warming themselves on the trails at Comanche Lookout Park  quite often.

Occasionally you’ll spot a squirrel, rabbit, armadillo or deer, but animals are very good at being unobserved.

It is always good to carry some water and watch where you step.