Once upon a time I worked at one of the cool corporations.  There were ping-pong table, video games, pool tables and an assortment of things to make the place phun.  It dead, swallowed up by another corporation, during the last decade.  Could not read the portents of impending doom.

Never much played ping-pong and would have been slaughtered by the sharks.  Talked some of the folks into playing cooperative ping-pong.  The whole objective was to keep pinging and  ponging as long as possible.  No scoring.

Boring as it might seem, it was enjoyable.  Could talk about things while playing.   Could avoid the smack talk that others may enjoy. Very uncompetitive, very cooperative.  It was a challenge for the other guy to keep an uncoordinated and inept player like me pinging and ponging.  This mirrored the positive aspects of the workplace, very collaborative.

So anyway a new broadcast station appeared in my area and I saw a show called TableTop.   Not sure how the stations work.  It seems like there is a base station like 29.1  and added stations like 29.2 and 29.3(this where TableTop resides).  More research for later.  Browsing and channel surfing a good way to explore.

Wesley Crusher aka Wil Wheaton and three other players players were playing Forbidden Island, a cooperative board game.  Players versus the island, cooperating to survive and loot the treasures of the island.