fallingmonkeyCurrently I’m running Linux at home. The reason is not that I despise  Windows 10, but that the Windows 10 upgrade was a sad year-long odyssey.  Applications stopped working or required authorization to start.  Couldn’t save work. Start menu kept disappearing.  Maybe I did something wrong.  Maybe I did a lot of somethings wrong.  The free Windows 10 upgrade was not so free.  So free was consumed by making the lazy programmer jump through hoops.  It was a learning experience.


Why did I upgrade Windows 10 on my home machine?  My original intent was to check the various browser versions, the edge browser, the last version of IE ever, Google Chrome,  and Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10.  Some bugs only appear on specific OS, Browser combinations.  Have to find workarounds and fixes that keep the applications going.  Windows 10 was fast becoming something we had to support. It didn’t seem like a horribly bad idea at the time.  I’ve upgraded windows in the past.   Financial advisors like to say, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.  Type   Windows 10 Upgrade Disasters in the you tube search and you’ll find some of the issues other people have had.

There were some warning signs.  My employer-provided a re-purposed laptop with Windows 10 installed.  Money poor organization keep some of the old machines around to use in their mad science experiments.  However, I had to take it into support every time it lost connectivity to the network.  Seems like  they were fighting the learning curve with secured wireless network with Windows 10.  The re-purposed laptop was slow,  five-minute boot, three-minute startup times on any of the browsers, kind of slow.  When developers tell me performance doesn’t matter, I cringe.

My machine had more ram, better processor, maybe it would not have all the issues.  So I  upgraded.  Did get it running.   But there were other issues.

Testing the browsers from home was about all I could do. Applications did  not work or required jumping through hoops on top of hoops.  There were many nights reading through event logs looking for snippets that I could feed the search monsters.  Got the OS mostly working, and  had to reinstall applications to get each working.  Never got around to reinstalling all of the applications.

When the next major patch came along, it did not go smoothly.  I didn’t want to jump through the same hoops to get it running.

My backups weren’t  useful.  Couldn’t revert to a working older version of Windows.  Maybe I did something wrong.  Maybe I did a lot of somethings wrong.

Decided to punt and installed Ubuntu Linux.   Falling on my face and retooling my platform into Linux was not my original plan.  The gnome interface seems more Mac-like.  I was never married to Windows or Mac, would switch between them as the job required.  Was able to work from home when needed.  VPN worked well enough to connect to the Windows 7 box at work.

When I left,Windows 10 had not completely invaded the workspace.

At home, when I need to get something done, I can usually find an application to do it.  That is all I need.  Haven’t had any major problems with Linux.

Will  I  purchase a Windows box in the future.   Maybe.  Don’t know.  Have worked with Windows 3.11, 95, 98, NT 4, 2000, XP, Windows 7, but did not jump on Windows 8.  The Windows 10 interface is not terrible.  Might not have had the issues with a new machine, with the latest and greatest Windows installed.

Used this site to reduce Windows 10 spying, because it was chewing up more bandwidth than I liked, and I was bouncing past my data caps.   This guy has a much more powerful setup than I have ever run.  He has a deeper understanding of the Windows universe than I do.

This is the end of this article.  Enough of my inchoate blabbing for now. Bye.