Monkeying with excerpts in WordPress because I didn’t want to show the entire blog post in line.  A personal preference to be sure.

So when editing a blog post in WordPress there is a menu option to left that currently labeled … More Options.  I say currently because I am documenting what I see as of this post(documentation is notoriously wrong, because programmers like to change things and don’t like to document; me to a T).  So on my site it looks something like this.


Clicking on … More Options shows a slug(which looks to me awfully like a page name of sorts) and a text area for an Excerpt.  The excerpt I guessed was what displays when you change you settings on my site under personalize, select themes, select customization, select content options(this is the learning curve associated with the command structure in WordPress).

So I put blah blah blah in the excerpts and changed the full post to post excerpt(radio buttons at the moment).  Of course blah blah blah showed up, so it wasn’t really an excerpt.


Leaving the excerpt blank and WordPress will automatically create an excerpt from the full post content.  Then the viewer needs to click on your content to view the full post.


Of course it means the excerpt is a bait and the content is a switch(nowhere in the  content would be found the excerpt; I would find this confusing).

So anyway I monkeyed with the posting style. Being lazy I blanked the excerpts, because I did not want to cut and past a big furry ball of words, nor did I want to summarize stuff myself.

Working hard is not what retirement is for.  Playing hard is okay but don’t want to kill myself hunched over a terminal like the many last decades of programming.  Standing desks are a recent invention, that I haven’t taken advantage of.

This is the end of this post.  Have to refill the idea bucket.