learning-curve-splatEvery development system has a learning curve.  WordPress is no different.  It has its own quirks(everything has quirks, this is just their behaviors that differ from expectation).  You learn the quirks and eventually they become  intuitively obvious(warning: in physics class when the following statement is intuitively obvious means the professor doesn’t want to write the ten pages required to show the derivation of the following statement) .  This is the cycle to learning new things.  Learn a bit, fall on your face, get up and try again.  Eventually you fall on your face a little less frequently.  And you leap for this to that and what was obscure becomes obvious and you too can be an annoying person who says things like “This is intuitively obvious.”

Whenever I drive an unfamiliar car, I like to spin around a parking lot a few times until I get the feel.  Manual transmissions(used to be called standard transmission, but it is a rarity these days so manual it is) take a little extra feel to slide it into gear. It may give you a fight until you learn how the vehicle shifts.  How a car feels when steering and shifting and braking and accelerating, can take a little while to master(especially if you are missing the car gene).

The editor in WordPress is wonderful.  After I edited my first post I noticed there were widgets on the page.  Don’t know what to do with them but they had “hide” as an option.  I went to hide the widgets on the page and went a bit too far and lost the content of the original post.  However as luck would have it when I was editing the content of the post WordPress would open a new tab with the content.  Didn’t close all the old tabs so I was able to restore with cut and paste.

This was before I found that WordPress keeps track of revisions and allows you to backtrack.  So for a programmer who is used to code management systems that help me undo my many mistakes this is wonderful.  A safety net for all the oops that occur as I try to write.

All this behavior is new and wonderful, but tells me my mental map and reality diverge.  Need to hit the tutorials again, but this is the fun of any new thing, try, fall on face, get up and try again.

Bye now.  Thunk, ouch.