setting-sunI’m old and retired with nothing better to do, so I thought I would start a blog.  Thought about twitter, but it seems like to much work.  I don’t like to be always connected.  With a blog I can write things at my leisure.

I thought about rolling my own.  Joel Spolsky (the developer of Stack Exchange)converted his blog  generated with a homegrown product called CityDesk to WordPress(see  RIP CityDesk).  I visit Joel On Software every once in a while to see if he’s written any new articles.

The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow was a  better description of how I arrived at than anything else I can think of.

Did I want to roll my own?  A set of static html pages quickly becomes a  into a lot of work.  Didn’t want to troubleshoot a bunch of html, css, JavaScript and whatever combination of code needed to make it work.

Did I really want to configure and maintain a server?  When I apply the next patch, will I break something.  Didn’t want to eat that can of worms, again.

Did I want to spend the effort to write a content management system?  Java, C#, PHP, with some SQL database, so many ecosystems, so many ways to spend life designing , implementing and debugging systems.

So things winnowed away.

  • Did not want to think about the underlying hardware.
  • Did not want to think about  operating systems.
  • Did not want to think about database servers.
  • Did not want to deal with systems development.

I decided to let the people at handle all the tiring difficult things that I am retiring from.

There are still issues.  I choose because was already parked(surprised me). and other names I looked at were also taken.   So I used DNS Who Is to try names until I found one not used(there are a bunch of DNS checking sites, this one works and is relatively simple, I like the current report format).  Actually found quite a few un-parked/unused.  Two or three words in a domain name increased un-parked/unused site hit rate.

Now all I need to do is learn to write intelligibly.  This is another random walk into the unknown.  Writing code is different from writing for people.  The code, in my case English,  will run in the heads of whoever has the misfortune to try to make sense out of what I write.  Hopefully no system crashes(exploding brains) result.

This is the end of this first post.  Something to do between laundry and cooking and cleaning and mowing the lawn and all the important stuff of life.  So long for now.